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A Little More About "Uncle Billy"

by Al Benson Jr.

Professor Thomas DiLorenzo recently did an article about that grand arsonist of Georgia, William Tecumseh Sherman that appeared on and DiLorenzo had this to say about the man: "William Tecumseh Sherman was indeed the founding father of terrorism perpetuated by the U.S. government and disguised by the language of 'collective security.'"

DiLorenzo quoted from a book I have several times quoted from, "Citizen Sherman" which is a biography of Sherman with all the warts showing that contemporary "historians" work so hard to cover up. The book's author, William Fellman, has quoted Sherman as saying: "To the petulant and persistent secessionists, why death is mercy, and the quicker he or she is disposed of the better...Until we can repopulate Georgia, it is useless to occupy it, but the utter destruction of its roads, houses, and people will cripple their military resources." And Professor DiLorenzo noted that "Sherman was referring to his plans for the civilian population of Georgia after the Confederate Army had left the state." Sounds to me like Sherman would have loved to exterminate the population of Georgia just for the heck of it even if there had not been an army to oppose him.

Some modern "historians" (and I used that word loosely) have written articles about how what Sherman did to Georgia was really a wonderful event for that state. You have to wonder what they would have felt had such atrocities occurred in their back yards--but then we are not supposed to consider that.

Sherman even wrote to his wife about his wonderful plans for a holocaust in Georgia. On July 31, 1862 he wrote a darling little remembrance to his wife in which he stated that "the war will soon assume a turn to extermination not of soldiers alone, that is the least part of the trouble, but the people...There is a class of people, men, women, and children, who must be killed." I have to submit that Sherman sounds more like a homicidal murderer than the general of an army, but, then, that's what Lincoln wanted.

People today are taught in those brain laundries we call public schools just how warm and wonderful "Honest Abe" and all his stalwart Union generals were, freeing the slaves and all that other poppycock. Somehow the fairy tales of the "historians" fail to square with the real truth. Maybe Professor DiLorenzo could write a book called "The Real Sherman." About the most charitable thing you could say of Sherman was that he might well have been the spiritual ancestor of Hitler.
PoP Aaron
The Southern American


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